“The Garden City”, “The Fine City” or even, for being the tip island in Southeast Asia, “The Little Red Dot”. This are some of the peculiar nicknames Singapore is known for. Surrounded by Malaysian and Indonesian land, Singapore is notorious for its summer feeling all year around, temperatures usually ranging from 82ºF to 93ºF, located almost upon the equator, Singapore is an exquisite luxury yacht charter destination.

Being a wealthy and extremely clean country and its famous attraction Gardens by the Bay and are probably the things that Singapore is most notorious for, however, there’s much more to explore aboard a super yacht in Singapore. A multi diverse culture, its mouth-watering food and its outstanding hidden places make in this place a paradise for all the senses. Between the Indian Ocean and South China Sea, “Lion city” in Sankrit, is the perfect location for an adventure in the sea.

Discover all mysterious finds Singaporeans hid by coming aboard a luxury yacht charter in Singapore.



The sea breeze and the endless possibility to explore breathtaking sites no one knows besides the locals is what makes a luxury yacht rental in Singapore the ideal option. Enjoy the breathtaking view of Singapore’s city skyline, admire the half lion, half fish Merlion statue and explore the historical neighborhoods and nature filled with lavish greenery.

Walk around rarely visited exceptional spots, such as Johor Strait Lighthouse, Clementi Forest and Former Queen’s Theatre and dive into the country of multiculturalism. Singapore is small, with around 6 million people, but has a plural society. With high ranking of expat cities, Singapore is home for Malay, Indian, and Chinese people.

A language barrier will not be a problem as most of the population speaks English, however, if you want to be part of Singaporeans civilization, when in your luxury yacht in Singapore try to learn some words in “Singlish”, a mixture of English and historical locals’ dialects. Begin with saying “Can” instead of “Yes”, they will be amazed.



There are many elegant fine dining restaurants in Singapore that will offer you an extravagant explosion of flavors. Beside the unparalleled gastronomy experience Michelin-starred restaurant provide, don’t sleep on street food. The chili crab is for a good reason the most famous delicacy in Singapore’s cuisine.
The Keng Eng Kee restaurant makes some great dishes, such as fried salt crab, coffee pork chops, and clay duck with sea cucumber.