Luxury yacht in the Americas

A meeting place of civilisations and cultures.
Culture and diversity
From cooler regions in North America like Canada and Alaska, to warm destinations like Florida, California, and Brazil’s coastline, whether you fancy the perfect yacht charter experience in North America or prefer a rich variety of culture adventures in South America, choose from a wide selection of yacht charters for your luxury holidays in America.

Big Sur

Secrets to explore

America is the land of cultural diversity and so is the range of destinations for luxury vacations in South America. Passion and energy are the two adjectives that characterize a yacht experience in Brazil or experiencing all four seasons in one day is what you can expect when visiting the exotic and vibrant Patagonia.

If your preference is more inclined to luxury holidays in North America, consider sun-drenched Florida and San Francisco Bay wineries as destinations to add to your yacht experience in America. Design your perfect yacht experience for the most memorable luxury holidays in America.

Fernando de Noronha
National marine park


Select between luxury vacations in South America or embark on a premium escape through North America. Come abroad a multicultural experience and enjoy the perfect luxury holidays in America by chartering the ideal yacht for your needs and desires.


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Overall climate in the United States of America is temperate, while Hawaii and South Florida have a tropical climate. Alaska has an Arctic temperature and in South America weather is hot and humid practically all year-round. 

The four seasons in South America are the reverse of what happens in the Northern Hemisphere, so if you are pursuing the good weather, America has the best of both worlds. Summer falls between June and August in North America and runs between December and February in South America.


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Thanks to the large waters of Atlantic and Pacific Oceans, America is well-known for the ideal destination for those who want to have an exceptional sea experience away from the busy mainland. There are countless places to see aboard a yacht in America that are beyond your dreams. 

In case if you’re seeking for a great destination in North America that includes fun activities like skiing, diving, fishing, and sailing, Florida Keys is your perfect match. If your desire to explore unique nature treasures visit Hawaii. If fancy to join aboard luxury vacations in South America and you are passionate about exquisite waterfalls and unmatchable cultures, embark in an adventure luxury vacations in South America, Brazil.