Luxury yacht in Asia

A meeting place of civilisations and cultures.

Culture and diversity
Intrigue, adventure, and spirituality, this are the three words that best describe a luxury yacht trip to Asia. Asia, the world’s largest and most diverse continent, is the perfect destination for those who crave the perfect match between exploring outstanding luxury destinations in Asia and discover a less crowded yacht charter paradise.
Than Bok Khorani National Park
Secrets to explore
What’s better than exploring Asia’s fascinating culture? Is doing it abord the most luxurious yacht. Close your eyes and imagine salty hair, sun kissed face, refreshing breeze and glimpse the vast blue ocean. Charter a yacht in Asia allows you to explore every corner of the world’s most exotic place. Gain access to remote luxury destinations in Asia and find out stunning lesser-known places by chartering a yacht in Asia.

Itsukushima floating torii gate


Choose the perfect yacht for the adventure of a lifetime and expand horizons by exploring some of the most luxury destinations in Asia:


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It doesn’t matter which luxury destination you choose to visit in Asia, whether you prefer to try the delicious food in top-rated restaurants, while contemplating cherry blossoms’ vibrant colors in Tokyo, discover the wildlife habitats and outstanding natural scenery of Bali or explore the formations and the powerful open ocean where it meets the land in the Philippines. Luxury destinations in Asia are truly a sensory experience.

Are you fancying a fine dining experience, or do you prefer to emerge in the locals’ culture by picking a conventional food from a street vendor? Asia is not only a continent filled with different cultures but is a paradise for your taste buds. From the most refined sushi from Japan to all different curries in India, to Pho, pronounced ‘fuh’, the noodle soup originated in Vietnam, one of the most popular Asian dishes. Is your mouth watering already? Discover Asia yacht charters and start planning your luxury yacht journey to Asia.


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As is often said, “life at sea is better” and it is not by chance. Besides the floating markets of Bangkok, Bali’s idyllic beaches and crystal-clear waters the Philippines, there are countless stunning places to yacht in Asia that you simply didn’t hear of yet but are as enchanting as the most popular ones. 

Try nature-focused activities in Bantayan Island, admire the most ancient trees that are over 7000 years old in Yakushima Island and create memories at the stunning three-layered waterfall gem in Kuang Si Falls, Laos.

Escape aboard a luxury yacht in Asia and experience a trip characterized by freedom, beautiful coastlines, and culinary delights.