Before travel

Before your luxury yacht charter holidays

Discover some of the important aspects of planning a luxury yacht charter holidays and what to consider before the trip. 

On board etiquette

In order to ensure that your yacht charter runs as smoothly as possible, follow a few simple rules of etiquette, from how to treat the yacht to respecting the crew.

A home at sea

While on board a luxury yacht, it is essential that you treat it as if it were your home. Owners offer their luxury yachts for charter under the circumstances that you will be treated well.

Take off your shoes

It is customary aboard a luxury yacht to abide by the “bare feet” rule. As a general rule, make sure you take appropriate deck shoes to walk around the deck.


Children are welcome aboard many charter yachts, but it is important that guests remain responsible for them.


Smoking is usually prohibited inside, but some yachts may have deck spaces where smoking may be allowed. If there is a smoker in your party, be sure to make this clear to a member of our staff.


There is absolutely no tolerance for drug use on board a charter yacht. Should drugs be found on board, they will be confiscated, the yacht will be subject to forfeiture and the captain may lose his license.


Always remember that the charter crew is there to ensure that your luxury boat holidays run as smoothly as possible. Sit back and enjoy your charter while the crew takes care of the rest.

Handling a complaint

In the unlikely occurrence that you want to make a complaint, it is important not to be the one to handle the matter directly with the crew members. The Captain is the head of the crew group and any complaints should be addressed in his or her own way.

What to pack

When packing for your luxury holidays, keep in mind that a private yacht has limited space on board for luggage, packing for a luxury yacht charter holidays may require an element of restraint.


Storage space is restrictive, so be sure to carry soft-sided, easy-to-fold luggage.


Consider the climate of your chosen destination and take the essentials. Light summer clothing including bathing suites, t-shirts, skirts, and shorts are to be expected aboard a luxury yacht. 


Most yachts will ask guests to adhere to the “bare feet” rule while on board. Ground shoes are great for venturing ashore, though remember to take them off when you return aboard.


Sunglasses, hats, and a high factor sunscreen are essential when exposed to the sun, particularly if you intend to sunbathe for the better part of an afternoon.