Luxury yacht in the Mediterranean

A meeting place of civilisations and cultures.
Culture and diversity
The turquoise and shimmering waters of the Mediterranean hold a diverse mix of culture, stunning beaches, majestic harbors, and plenty of sophistication, making this region one of the best for luxury yacht charters.

Playa Palombaggia, Porto Vechio

Secrets to explore
With unparalleled natural beauty, this stunning region simply begs to be explored. If you wish to discover some of the hidden gems of the Mediterranean, explore our luxury yacht charters and get ready for a new adventure, filled with culture and luxury.

Bahía de Kotor


With a climate characterized by dry, wet summers and mild winters, the Mediterranean is a unique region for a luxury vacation. Discover all our destinations where you can charter a yacht in the Mediterranean:


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The key ingredients of the Mediterranean diet, recognized as Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity, include olive oil, fresh fruits and vegetables, fish, and grains. In addition, this diet also promotes the consumption, if reduced, of wine and red meat.
The Mediterranean diet is known for promoting a healthy lifestyle, combining nutrition with sports; for being environmentally friendly, since the foods used are local and seasonal; and for preventing diseases, due to the consumption of olive oil as the main fat.
Enjoy this unique diet during your luxury holidays in the Mediterranean.


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If you are looking a luxury boat charter to sail the Mediterranean, you won’t be short of things to do and things to see! From the extravagance of the French Riviera and the architecture of the Italian coast to the unexplored charms of Croatia and the exotic Turkish and Greek islands. 
The best thing about the luxury yacht charter in the Mediterranean, is that not only can you visit the usual tourist sites, but you can also visit the numerous “secret” places that exist in various destinations in this unique region. 
Enjoy the stunning beaches, explore historical sites, enjoy the cuisine in luxury restaurants, soak in the hot springs, and venture out to experience a stress-free holiday with a luxury yacht rental in the Mediterranean.