Greece and predominantly the Greek islands continue to attract many luxury yachts, because an idyllic luxury mega yacht charter to the Greek islands offers an escape from busy modern life. In Greece you can spend lazy days exploring wild landscapes and deserted coves, beautiful harbors, and whitewashed fishing villages. Whether you are looking for a vacation saturated in the remnants of enticing history or an island hopping between islands, Greece has no limits on charter opportunities.
Explore our mega yacht for charter in Greece and get ready for an adventure full of luxury.



Athens and Santorini are truly beautiful places, but they are also cities that attract all types of tourism. What if you wanted to try to discover un-touristy places to enjoy your mega yacht charter in Greece?


Colorful buildings dripping with greenery and flowers are what define the old town of Nafplio. Its narrow, pedestrian streets are lined with outdoor cafes, upscale boutiques, and art galleries.
Near Nafplio, you can anchor in the stunning Korakia Bay, with a minimalist yet chic Amanzoe’s beach club and an Acropolis-inspired resort is perched on hilltops high above.


The picturesque island of Spetses is car-free and features unreal sunsets that look more like an impressionist painting brought to life. The narrow streets of Spetses are lined with trendy boutiques and cafes. This is an island far from mass tourism and is populated by wealthy Greeks who own or rent villas. Its lively harbor front is filled with chic restaurants right on the water’s edge.



Explore the rich Greek cuisine, filled with local vegetables, grains, fish, and meat. Be sure to try Moussaka, a kind of lasagna that intertwines layers of eggplant with ground lamb, and tzatziki, which is a Greek sauce made from natural yogurt, cucumber, and lemon juice.
The Mediterraneo Wine & Deli has sophisticated decor, a sumptuous selection of charcuterie, a wide selection of Greek wines, and a knowledgeable staff serving. This is the ideal place in Napflio to degust a selection of fine wines, accompanied by delicious cheeses and charcuterie.
The Tarsanas Restaurant in Spetses is a family-run tavern that started with three brothers and is now continued by their sons. Located right on the shoreline, it is known for its simple but sublime dishes of fresh seafood and water views.