Serene beaches and translucid waters, Bahamas is heaven for paradise seekers. Known for its unmatchable under water experiences, The Bahamas is the perfect place for a quiet and relaxing destination in the middle of Atlantic Ocean.

If you want to take your adventure in this pristine white sand beaches to the next level, consider adding to your bucket list activities such as kayaking, jet skiing, fishing, snorkeling, and diving under the crystal-clear waters of The Bahamas.

Spread out over 2 million feet, this chain of islands, is a dream location for experience the yachting lifestyle. Discover our luxury yacht charter in Bahamas.



With some of the clearest waters in the world, Bahamas yacht charters and luxury boat rentals are a must to skip the crowds and explore this exquisite wonderland to its depths. A luxury yacht rental in the Bahamas will give you the freedom to discover these islands’ hidden treasures.

Did you know that The Bahamas holds the third largest living organism on the planet? With over 164 specifies of fish and coral, Andros Barrier Reef is the biggest barrier reef in the world.

Acklins and Crooked Islands

Acklins and Crooked Islands are two of the least known and most unspoiled beautiful islands in the Bahamas. Which means their rustic landscape is ideal for vacationers looking for private getaways with exceptional secluded beaches. Separated by a lagoon of over a thousand square kilometers, known as the Bight of Acklins, the two islands are a paradise for boating, fly fishing, snorkeling and scuba diving.

An Oasis in the sea, the Bahamas are known for its famous swimming pigs and pink-sand beaches. However, there is much more to explore aboard a Bahamas’ luxury yacht charter.



Bahamas cuisine has some chef’s kiss dishes you can’t miss out when in your luxury yacht rental in Bahamas, Cracked Conch, Fish Stew and Conch Salad are a must. If you prefer a more refined and delicate harmony of flavors, make sure to book an experience in the best fine dining restaurants in The Bahamas.
Located on an open beach with an unobstructed view of the waters surrounding Bird Rock Lighthouse, Crooked Island Lodge at Pittstown Point offers some of the best cuisine in the Bahamas in a relaxed informal atmosphere.