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Frequently Asked Questions


How can I organize my luxury sailing trip?


You can either organize your sailing trip by sending us a message through the "Plan your trip" section of our website and the blue form that you will find in the contact section of our website or by phoning us. In the "Plan your trip" section you can also ask our team to phone you by clicking on the "CALL ME" button.


How can I request a quote for a luxury yacht?


You can either do this by clicking on the "Plan your trip" section of our website's menu or by clicking on the "Contact us to check availability" button, situated on the page of the luxury yacht you're interested in. You then need to fill-in the form and wait for our reply.


Is there a minimum number of days required for a luxury yacht charter?


The minimum duration of a charter is 7 days. In general, the charter starts on a Saturday and ends on the following Saturday. However, the charter can also last longer.


Do I need a skipper?


On luxury yachts the skipper is mandatory and even though you have a licence, these luxury boats cannot be chartered without a professional skipper who knows the yacht and who will watch over the safety of all the passengers aboard. He has the last say when it comes to changes in the itinerary due to weather conditions. His job is to steer the boat but not to clean or cook. Depending on their size, many of our luxury yachts also include a crew.


Who performs the check-in?


The skipper is responsible for performing check-ins.