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Luxury Sailing Yachts in the Caribbean (Antilles)

The Antilles is a group of islands that lies between the Caribbean Sea and the Atlantic Ocean.

Great sailing destination from November to February when the weather is cold elsewhere, the Antilles are sunny almost all year round. Sea lovers can therefore appreciate the sailing conditions of this Caribbean region during the whole year.

Charter a luxury sailing yacht in the Caribbean, and more particularly in the Antilles, and discover glamorous lagoons and coves.

Luxury sailing yacht charter in Antigua-Barbuda or St. Maarten for Christmas and New Years is a great way to spend a wonderful and relaxing Christmas break along beautiful beaches and around stunning seascapes aboard a magnificent and comfortable sailing boat.

Think about our luxury sailing yacht rental services in the Caribbean for 7 days or more if you want to relax under the sun and in the midst of striking natural surroundings in the Antilles with your family or friends.

No need for a sailing license, as our luxury sailing yachts in the Caribbean are crewed or skippered sailboats. Just enjoy your personalized trip without worrying about anything else than your comfort and happiness.

Top Selection of Luxury Sailing Yachts in the Caribbean (Antilles)


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